Get On A Team ASAP

So there’s a lot of noise online about different products being the ‘silver bullet’ that you need to succeed in your online marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not that there’s not great products or services out there. The subtle lie is that you only need one thing.

Not only do you need multiple tools and different training, you also need a team (or coach) to help you adjust as you go to stay focused and not waste time. I can’t emphasize this enough. When most people look at coaching, they look at the cost and say something like, “I can do that myself.” or “I don’t need someone to talk to when I can find the information online for free or cheaply.”

Get On A Team ASAPHere’s the thing…

When you do it alone, you get distracted. Actually, when you’re part of a team you get distracted, but there’s someone there to ask you, “How did your day go yesterday?” And when you reveal that you spent hours on Facebook or researching fonts they can shine a light on the fact that you’re wasting time instead of doing things that will make you money.

And if they’re good, they’ll even give you some strategies to avoid that nonsense so you can get busy hitting your goals.

I’m sure you see my point and hopefully you’re in the place to move forward with joining a team. Here’s the 3 options you’ll find online and what I suggest.

Option One

Get in a large group program. This is where you’ll be able to browse conversations, get training, maybe some tools and stay a little distant if you choose to. This will help if you’re really new since it’s a safer environment, but you’re going to need to step up and get involved to really leverage the group or you’ll just fade away from not interacting.

My Academy is a good example of this. I personally log in every day to interact and answer questions for members, so there’s a huge value to be able to leverage my experience and save yourself a lot of pain and headaches.

Option Two

Get in a mastermind or paid workshop. This can be several thousand dollars to do, so if you’re just getting started and on a limited budget it may not be possible, but if you can afford it you’ll see results much faster than being in a large group because it’s much more intensive and focused on results.

I offer these every few months and they’re usually between 6 and 8 weeks long and dedicated to getting one specific outcome, so the return on investment is almost always super high. If you’re on my list, you’ll hear about the next one we have available.

Also, Academy members get access to the replays which is a big cost saver, but you’ll miss out on the interaction element which can be extremely valuable.

Option Three

Private or one on one coaching. This is the most expensive option and logistically speaking actually delivers the least amount of ‘stuff’. 🙂 The idea behind this is to get together with someone that’s done what you’re wanting to do a million times so they can laser focus on the one thing you need to do right now to get the same result.

This can be in person (fly out to their location), meet locally at their office or home if you live close enough, at an event in a hotel or even virtually by Skype or Goto Meeting. If things are going good and you just want to jump to great and have the cash to pay for an experts advice, then go for it.

I rarely offer this option anymore, but can be contacted to set up a short, ten minute call to see if we’re a good fit here.