YouTube vs Facebook

If you had to choose between YouTube and Facebook for marketing your website, which would you pick…? Luckily, that’s not a choice you need to make anytime soon.

The truth is you shouldn’t pick any social media website as your only source of traffic forever. It’s okay as a starting point, to refine it and get really good at it, but ultimately, you want to have multiple sources of traffic, both paid and free to point to your website.

Your website (that you host) is the one asset you can control 100%.

My suggestion after 15 years of online marketing is to have it be a self hosted wordpress blog. Set up the following social media accounts (all free) and name them the same as your domain.

YouTube vs FacebookFacebook

If the exact words aren’t available, just add the extension as well. For example if www.twitter.com/epicmarketer wasn’t available, I’d just use www.twitter.com/epicmarketerdotcom. 🙂

Next sign up for free at www.ifttt.com (also free) and you’ll be able to post a video to YouTube and it’ll automatically post to your blog, plus you can literally automate spreading your videos from Instagram to all the other sites mentioned with one click.

For details on exactly how to automate everything from start to finish, just click the button below and I’ll send you the blueprint in the next few minutes.

Remember, you have to start with value, so put out your best content to attract like-minded visitors that will know what level of quality to expect from your paid offers.