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Unlimited Traffic

Hey, Got some free training that I’m hoping will really help you with your online sales. 🙂 There’s three stages in every offer that you can make money from. Before, during and after your offer. Most people only focus on the “during” part and point an ad to a sales page and hope for the […]

Avoiding Overwhelm

I made this video after seeing a typical sales page with 8 million things for $47 claiming that you’d have everything you need to make millions. Sigh. In the video i reveal the 3 steps you need to take to avoid overwhelm and get legitimate results, both for you and your clients. Check it out […]


YouTube vs Facebook

If you had to choose between YouTube and Facebook for marketing your website, which would you pick…? Luckily, that’s not a choice you need to make anytime soon. The truth is you shouldn’t pick any social media website as your only source of traffic forever. It’s okay as a starting point, to refine it and […]

Less Is More

Let’s face it. We’re too busy. The fact that you decided to read this article tells me that you’re looking for a solution to all the noise. The problem most of us wrestle with is trying to get everything done and having no time left over for the things that really satisfy our souls. There […]

Get On A Team ASAP

So there’s a lot of noise online about different products being the ‘silver bullet’ that you need to succeed in your online marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not that there’s not great products or services out there. The subtle lie is that you only need one thing. Not only do you need […]