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Do you want to share your message with the world with total control and unstoppable influence? Then you need an Authority Platform.

If you’re an influencer, coach, teacher, or author that has a desire to transform people’s lives with a high-quality product or service, you’re in the right place. One of the key factors to focus on to leverage your impact online is to create and build an Authority Platform.

An Authority Platform is a WordPress website that you own and operate that has a few key factors:

– You’ve got a high-quality, fast loading theme, like Enfold or Divi
– You’ve integrated an autoresponder like Active Campaign (available at
– You’re publishing original, high quality, relevant content to the blog on a regular basis
– Your site is linked to the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube)
– You’ve created a Google My Business account and linked it to your site as well
– Your site has high-quality images that are optimized for Google as well as your visitors
– Your site has at least on ‘lead capture’ or ‘squeeze page’ to capture emails in exchange for a free gift
– Your site has a clear call to action (CTA) specific to your avatar (ideal client you want to attract and work with)

The social media accounts that you have linked to your Authority Platform need to be consistent with your website. This means they need the same header graphic (if possible, like on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin) with the same call to action so that people will know they’re in the right place and build trust in their relationship with you.

In order to build rapport with your audience, it’s critical not only to put out great content to display your authority but to also interact with them and listen to what they’re struggling with so that you can create new products, solutions, and services that match their needs.

This happens on social media in response to comments as well as through your help desk on your Authority Platform. I recommend using Active Campaign to automate the follow up process.

If you go through the list I have above to connect with me through social media, you’ll see I lead by example with all of the requirements I just mentioned. This is a critical leadership requirement for teaching online marketing. If someone is only directing you, but not actually doing it themselves, you’re in the wrong place.

There will be times when someone shares a concept or idea that’s not applicable to their own experience, but stay clear of so-called gurus that don’t share actual proof of what they’re teaching. You can always give proof from other people’s experiences (that you’ve verified) in addition to or instead of your own.

The most important key to success in your Authority Platform is that you frame every piece of content, every email, and every page on your site through the filter of “Will this truly help my audience get better results than they’re currently getting?” If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track!

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