Marketing Trances

Marketing trances

Hey, this is Mike from Epic marketer. In this video we’re talking about hypnosis.

So here’s the thing when it comes to not hypnosis but trances, people are in a trance all the time. When you’re driving, a lot of times, you’re coming home from work, you’re not thinking about what street you’re on, you’re not thinking about the speed limit that you’re going. You’re not even thinking about the other traffic. You’re thinking about whatever you’re listening to. Maybe it’s a podcast, you’re thinking about what you’re going to do when you get home at night or what somebody said at work or whatever, you’re actually in a trance.

Now, when it comes to being an influencer and marketing and having great quality content, the secret to getting more done is stopping.

Marketing trances

Okay, let me explain.

When you’re listening to a podcast or watching a video, you get a great idea that relates to your show, your podcasts, whatever it is, hit pause. Don’t just keep watching and taking it in and going, ooh, this is great. All that dopamine feels wonderful. No hit pause, then hit record. And like I’m doing right now in my car, I record a video or record an audio for your podcast, at least as a minimum, take a note, but create some content, create a blog post, you know, tweet somebody, whatever it is, you know, PM, somebody, whatever it is.

And now you’re ahead of the 99% out there that is just in a trance consuming content, instead of putting out content.

Let me know your feedback on this. I’d love to hear it.

We’ll talk to you soon.


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