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Hey, this is Mike from www.epicmarketer.com and in this video we’re gonna be talking about “Why would anybody teach affiliate marketing?”


So here’s the thing with with teaching affiliate marketing is there’s people that are kind of new, or maybe that aren’t paying attention to what’s really happening that, you know, will look at somebody that’s, you know, apparently rich, that’s apparently successful, that may be standing in front of a Porsche or in front of a mansion or whatever. And they’re saying, “Hey, I’m going to give you my exact, ad, my exact landing page my exact offer, so that you can rake in the profits, right?

Now, anybody that’s gonna do this, let’s say everything’s legit. They’ve been, you know, running an ad, that’s getting good conversions, that goes to a sales page, it gets good conversions, right? If one person does that, they can keep doing it for a long time, until the ad gets fatigued. In other words, people have seen it enough. And then you know, they don’t get as good at numbers, right, but if all of a sudden 1000 people start promoting the same ad, it’s going to fatigue almost overnight. Right?

So the people that are saying that they’re going to do that are either lying, or they’re ignorant, or meaning about this whole fatigue concept, or whatever. But for you, as somebody that wants to learn affiliate marketing, you have to understand that what’s more important than being handed a fish is being taught how to fish.

So in this case, if somebody says, Look, I’m going to teach you how to write the ads, how to polarize, people that are seeing the ads so that the right ones will want to click on it, and the wrong ones will not want to click on it. That will work. Because all ads, whether you know, it’s on Facebook, or YouTube, or you know, Instagram or whatever all ads will fatigue over time.

And so the real power for you is to learn how to make your own ads. Right. Now. This also includes how to make your own landing page to convert with, with opt ins, how to create your own sales page, so that you can turn those visitors into buyers, how to create your own follow up email system, so that people that don’t buy, you can educate them and build the relationship and motivate them to buy.

When you learn how to do this. Now, you’re in complete control.

It doesn’t matter if an affiliate program gets shut down. It doesn’t matter if a company goes out of business, you can still go ahead and find another one. And there’s always more or make your own and marketing.

So if you’d like to learn how to do these things, in our academy, we actually have training for all those we have tools to help you do all those. We have the community to help you do all those and if you wanted to get additional coaching and other incentive for Platinum coaching, then I will personally meet with you on a weekly basis talk to you on a daily basis to help you accomplish those things.

You can find out more at www.epicmarketer.com.

Thanks so much for watching, and we’ll see you on the next video.