Client Testimonials

I have been working with Mike for a few years now. He came to my business and took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted in a website. For someone like me who is not technologically intelligent he worked with me. After the site Was built his customer service has been amazing. If I needed something adjusted or changed on my website he always responded quickly. I highly recommend Mike and will continue to work with him.

Mike Kelly


In today’s world, your website is your first impression and when it comes to websites, Mike is the man! He’s knowledgeable, experienced and his customer service is on point!

Adam Miller, Lead Pastor


Hey guys! Its E. Brian Rose and we’re here in Orlando.

If you’re listening to me, you should be listening to him. So, Chicago Mike is the guy you should be talking to. I’m glad that I meet him. We’re actually doing some business together and I think you should too.

Hey cheers from Orlando.

– E. Brian Rose



I could go on forever about my struggles, and where I gratefully am now.

But I won’t.

Let me just say thanks so much for caring about strangers you may never meet. I know now I will be fine, and in a couple of months will be able to put down my pen for good. I genuinely love writing, but when I HAVE to write for clients 40+ hours a week, all I have is a job.

30DayMarketing, withe the do-it-now assignments, was perfect for me. I do not exaggerate when I say it has been life-changing.

I signed up as an affiliate, and was wondering if/when Cash Machine System will be added to the links section, as I belief it could really help people like 30DM helped me.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.

– Patrick O’Neill


Hey Mike,

Just gone through Thirty Day marketing and I got the deal of the Century. You completely undersold this course and i’m so glad you did. I have never done a course with so much overdelivery. It sounds corny and organised, but anybody who purchases this at a later date
is in for a treat.

There is as much information and bonuses here as a $ 497.00 product easily plus more. Just want to thank you for all the effort that you put into this.

John Wright Manchester UK !


Years ago I had the opportunity to meet Mike Cowles in person. Upon meeting him, I asked a question. To this day, the wisdom he shared with me in his reply to my inquiry, has remained one of my core guiding principals.

People tend to be one of two types: 1) Those that ‘Say What They Do,’ and 3) Those exceptionally rare few that actually ‘Do What They Say.’ Mike is one of the exceptionally rare few.

Wesley J Harrison

More Testimonials

I appreciate the clarity and insight I got from Mike Cowles as a consultant. He was able to give me actionable items with clear instructions and anticipated results as well as supporting documentation to make sure that I achieve success in my goals.

LK Fletcher


Hi! Jason Fladlien here and I just wanna give a two thumbs up for Mike Cowles. Guy’s really good, you’re in good hands with him. Get his stuff, use it and trust me you’ll be happy you did.

So this is Jason Fladlien, totally cool with Mike Cowles.

Thank you very much!

— Jason Fladlien


Hi! Im here with my good friend Mike Cowles, my name is James Jones. I recommend anything this guy sells. This guy is an awesome guy, you’re not gonna go wrong. So buy his stuff!

– James Jones


Hi! John S. Rhodes. I just met Mike Cowles face to face for the first time. Let me tell you, Mike is awesome, authentic, genuine. He helped me out. It was 3am in the morning and he gave me a profound insight that is actually change my life. Im not kidding about this, it changed my life. Mike is awesome. I would listen to pretty much anything he has to say. Great guy, cool guy. Thanks Mike very much! Im glad to be here.

– John S. Rhodes


Hi! Im here in Practical Profits with my good buddy Mike Cowles and we’re talking about doing webinar, webinar strategies and some of the stuff that you told me really blew my mind. The guy really knows his stuff. So if you’re new, you’re in the right place on his squad, you’ll gonna learn some good stuff. Keep that in mind and subscribe! The news is on this side right? Subscribe on the left.

– Ron Douglas


Hey guys! This is Matt W Rhodes at I just met Mike Cowles this weekend at the Practical Profits event. Let me tell you Mike is a really cool guy, his smart, his genuine. You definitely learn from him. Talk to you guys later.

– Matt W Rhodes