Affiliate Marketing Checklist

This is a “Getting Started Checklist” for affiliate marketing I made that I think is helpful to stay focused and be efficient with your time.

1. Pick your niche (Sub: health, wealth, relationships)
2. Pick your domain (1. Easy to spell 2. Easy to remember 3. Targeted)
3. Get hosting ( is a great option)
4. Get/create your free offer (Video, checklist, report, audio file, etc. Deliver with Active Campaign)
5. Pick your affiliate offers (1/host, 1/autoresponder, 1/website tool, 1/service, etc.)
6. Create your social accounts (FB, Youtube, Twitter, linkedIn, Instagram)
7. Set up Google My Business account.
8. Enter Biz details and CTA in google, bing, yahoo, yelp, facebook and LinkedIn.
9. Do keyword research (or hire on for low to mid competition search terms in niche
10. Research potential JV partners – search “niche forum” or “niche blog” or “niche tutorial”, etc.
11. Find and join FB groups that are in your niche.
12. Create checklist for daily/weekly tasks including, content creation, SEO, JV outreach, content publishing (on your channel and other’s).

*#12 publishing content on other leaders platforms (without being spammy) can generate high quality leads naturally.

There’s a video series waiting to happen for each step. If anyone’s interested or has questions about any of them, just ask and I’ll be happy to help.

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