Three Laws Of Traffic

Hey, this is Mike from Epic Marketer dot com.

And in this video what I wanted to talk to you about specifically was the topic of traffic and the three laws that are absolutely concrete to the foundation of traffic.

In other words, if you want to get visitors to your website, you have to understand that traffic is going to come from one of these three sources.

The first one is you can build it.

What I mean by that is generating content, whether it’s through videos, articles, blog posts, whatever, and you can build it that’s normally a slower process.

If you are a bit of a ninja or you have a good coach or you’re following a good program, you can start to see results in as little as 30 to 60 days, but typically, it’s about six months to a year before you really start to get a lot of traction from building it.

The second method is to buy it.

It’s pretty straightforward.

You know, you’re paying for ads, whether it be Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, You know, Instagram, whatever, you know, you spend the money to get people to come to your site. Okay?

The key with this one is you have to have an offer that converts, you have to spend a smaller budget, send, you know, 50 to 100 people and see if you’re gonna actually make more than you spend.

And then you can dive into spending more money in order to get people to go there.

But this is one of the fastest ways to build up your audience on your list of customers.

The third way, is borrowing.

So we’ve got build it, buy it, borrow it.

So to borrow it means that you’re actually leveraging somebody else’s existing audience.

A good example of this would be somebody has a podcast with you know, 20,000 subscribers and you have a relatively new podcast.

And when they’re in promotion mode, which is key.

Maybe they have a brand new course a brand new launch a brand new product, you reach out to them.

And you say, “Hey, Jim, my name is Mike, I have a podcast, it’s in the same area as yours and I love what you’ve been doing. I’ve been listening for a while, I wanted to see if I could get you for an interview for about 15 minutes to talk about your new course. I’d be happy to link back to your site in the call and I’m even going to spend some money on ads.”

This is a hint on some Facebook ads or whatever kind of ads to get a few hundred people to check out the podcast.

Now, anybody in Jim’s situation made up gym situation that has a podcast or that has an audience that has a product that is hearing, hey, I’m gonna get some publicity.

And it’s only going to take me 15 to 20 minutes of my time.

This guy’s even willing to spend some money to get some eyes on it is going to say yes, but the beauty of this is it becomes a win win situation because Jim is also going to say, Hey, I just did a podcast with Mike.

And now you get a bunch of traffic.

And you’re also associating with this guy, which means the next time that you call somebody and you say hey, Todd I’d love to do a podcast with you about your brand new book I recently did with Jim it went very well he got a bunch of sales from it.

And I’d be happy to reference your site in the call, you know, are you available to do about a 15 to 20 minute call.

So these are the main things.

Now, if you want to pour gasoline on the fire, what I already alluded to is you can combine things like you can build it, buy it and borrow it, you can combine those, like you can start to do SEO, make a video and then post some ads to that video in order to build up that natural organic, you know, traffic.

And by doing that with paid ads, you can borrow, you can build you can buy you can do them all together.

So hope that helps.

I would love to hear your favorite traffic strategy and what you’re doing to get visitors to your site and we’ll see on the next video.

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