How To Create Value


Hey, this is Mike from and in this video we’re going to talk about how to create value.

So the big question that you hear all the time, or the big comment I should sit here all the time is provide value, provide value, right? This determines your price. This determines customer’s happiness, this determines your business lasting. And so the big question that’s always in the back of everyone’s mind is how do I create value?

So sometimes we have an idea or a vision in our mind of what value looks like. And sometimes it’s shiny and sparkly, and it’s got a tie on and a Rolex and, you know, isn’t the top of a suite, driving a luxury vehicle and while all those things kind of symbolize Maybe quality, I don’t know. They’re not necessarily valued.

See the value is based on you having the ability to help somebody improve their situation.

So if the value proposition is to help somebody teach your dog to sit, for example, they don’t know how to teach your dog to sit and they’re frustrated with the situation, right? If you read an article, a single article that explains how to do it, and preferably you try it on your own dog and it works. You now have value to that person that doesn’t know that information.

So, what that means is, you can create value for people simply by being You know, one step ahead of them one chapter ahead of them, one mile ahead of them, you can see what’s coming up. So if you have the ability to do what you’re doing now, which is watching a video or listen to a podcast or you know going online and going to a website, then you have the ability to create value.

So what you have to do is you have to find the value that your audience or potential audience is looking for. And most the time what we do is we make that value higher than it actually is, are we we think that it has to look a certain way.

So for example, this video that I’m making, I’m doing it on my phone in my car. I’m not doing it in a studio in front of a green screen with a lighting and a makeup crew and all that stuff. Because I know that if you clicked on this thinking, yeah, I want to know how to create value that You might care a little bit, hey, the sound quality isn’t that great? Or I wonder if this guy’s watching the road or not or whatever.

But really what you care about is Can this guy help me create value so that I can deliver value or make money? Right? And if I do that, you’re gonna want more.

That’s just common sense.

How to create value

What are people going to think about how I look, how I sound, whatever, and instead focus on our customers, and our prospects and the people that we’re trying to help.

Anyone can create value by simply doing some research or sharing their experience that the other person doesn’t have. So use it, implement it, take action on it, and start making some money from it.

I’d love to hear your comments below. Let me know What you think about creating value.

Talk soon,

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