Adversity and bouncing back

Adversity and bouncing back


Hey this is Mike from and in this video we’re talking about adversity and bouncing back from problems.

So a lot of people see adversity you know somebody saying no something breaking losing something getting injured, getting fired whatever getting broken up with as all inclusive and impacts my entire life is gonna impact me forever I’m never going to get over this right.

So obviously you can tell by my tone that I don’t agree with that but there was a time when I was impacted like that. So I don’t want to turn this video into a Tony Robbins video but I do love Tony and I think he’s got a lot of great tips and one of the things that he says is the most important decisions and concepts you can think about is this. What you focus on, and what it means to you, what you focus on and what it means to you.

So when something awful happens, and they’re awful things like undoubtedly awful things, somebody you love dies, whatever. When that happens to ask yourself, what’s good about this? What good Can I take from this? What can I learn from this? These are all questions that are asking your brain which is super resourceful to come up with answers.

So I’ll give an example. When I was 15, I was in the martial arts. I was in great shape. I thought I was Bruce Lee. And I got read up by a senior I was a freshman and I got the crap beat out I mean, you know, and he had taken me to the ground. And at the time I was doing karate. So all I knew was the stand up fighting game.

And that’s my excuse that I thought of at the time was I didn’t know how to fight on the ground, but I didn’t. But afterwards, I was really frustrated. And I was really angry. And I felt like my world was over kind of thing. And I read Tony’s book, and this case, it was the book on limited power. And so I thought about that situation, and what I could take from it, what could make me better, what could make me stronger?

Adversity And Bouncing Back

And so I made a few core decisions from that experience. And one of them was, if I know I’m going to get into a fight, like it’s inevitable, it’s gonna happen. Then I’m going to make the first move because in that case, I was trying to talk him out of it, even though I knew it’s gonna happen somehow I thought I was going to talk him out of it.

When you know what’s going to happen, you have the element of surprise. And I’ll tell you just a quick tip that has nothing to do with marketing but has to do with fighting is spinning in somebody’s eye gives you an extra second to get in a shot if you have to.

So anyway, first thing I committed to myself was if I know I’m gonna get into a fight, I’m going to make the first move. And the second thing is, is if I ever do get into a fight, I’m going to make the other person regret fighting me. Now I realize I could be fighting Mike Tyson. But while I’m on the ground, getting kicked by him, I will bite his toe or whatever I have to do, so having that kind of tenacity mindset about a fight.

What happens is you never have to fight because everybody can tell. They can just sense that this guy isn’t afraid of me. If I if I fight this guy, it’s it’s gonna be a fight. It’s not gonna be a lay down. You know what I mean?

So my point is not to sound tough or anything like that. I haven’t gotten to the fight for a long time. My point is, in every adversity, there’s a lesson, there’s a gem, there’s experience, even if it was a completely horrible thing. There’s like there’s nothing good about that happen in the situation, maybe the experience that led you to it, so you can help steer people away from it.

Or maybe coming alongside people that have experienced it and saying, look, their life does go on, it does get better.

I know this sucks right now, but it is temporary. You know, whatever it is, but the secret that I really want to convey to you in this video, to overcoming adversity and bouncing back is asking yourself the right questions. It’s about what you focus on and what it means to you.

And so that’s a great little trigger to start triggering what you’re focused on and what it means. What’s great about this, what can I learn from this? What about this is going to make me stronger? Right? If you blew a million bucks, hey, I made a million bucks. How can I do that again? How can I help somebody else not blow a million bucks, whatever it is, okay?

You become more valuable by your experience, especially experience that’s painful, because you can help other people avoid that pain.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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