Passive Income Strategy

Passive income strategy

Passive Income Strategy

I was listening to a great podcast called “All Systems Go” (highly recommended) and he was talking about automation for local, service businesses.

Think plumbers, painters, dentists, etc.

His topic was about what they’re doing wrong (or not at all) and how it would impact their business.

The three things he brought up were:
– A contact page that sent a follow up email
– A thank you page that scheduled appointments
– An exit intent pop up that offered a discount

Now think about how much these three things would help a local, service business…

People are already at their site with questions, and no one’s answering. Now they’ll be taken to a page that says, “Thanks for reaching out. Did you know we do X,Y & Z? Schedule an appointment now and save 10% on your first order!”

Plus a follow up email that says, “Thanks for reaching out. We’ll reply within 24 hours. By the way, did you know we do X,Y & Z? Schedule an appointment now and save 10% on your first order!”

And if they go to leave the site, they’ll get the same message with a “Before you go, did you know….”

So, if you’re paying attention hopefully you’re seeing the opportunity here. If not, I’ll help. 🙂

Setting up these services on someone’s site would take an average person with minimal tech skills about 30 minutes to an hour to set up.
(Or about $20 to hire out, hint, hint.)

Which means you can charge a local business a reasonable fee per month (like $100) and you’re out of pocket cost is about $20.

Now you can do it again and again and each account is worth $960 per year of completely passive income!

So if you did ten a month, you’d have $800 profit the first month, $1600 the second month and by the end of the year, $9,600 PER MONTH in passive income!

Is this possible? If you decide to do it and adjust as you go, yes.

Want more? I’ll tell you how to sell it and get happy clients every time. 🙂

1. Go on Facebook and find a group based on that niche. (plumbers, painters, dentists, tile guys, etc.)
2. Post a video showing the concept (adding a contact form, thank you page and exit pop) to increase sales/engagement.
3. Then say you’re looking for a few businesses to set this up for free as a case study in exchange for a few referrals (assuming they’re happy).
4. Tell them the monthly cost for the software and support is $100, but the normal set up fee of $1200 will be waived if they’re approved for the case study.
5. After you do the work, reach out to their referrals with the same offer.

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