Quality vs Quantity


Quality vs quantity – Which is more important for marketing and why?


Hey, this is Mike from Epic marketer calm and today we’re talking about quality versus quantity.

So the big dilemma of quality versus quantity when it comes to in this case creating content for your audience.

So, it doesn’t have to be either or.

But if you had to choose which one you’re leaning towards, I would say quality.

But what most people think is quality is actually crazy perfectionism, okay?

I’m one of those people.

I think I need the better microphone, the better lighting, the quieter environment to have really good quality, but really the quality is not the lighting or the audio or the or all that Really the quality is the quality of the content.

will this help people so like, right now I’m filming in my car, I’m using an iPhone six, I do not have an external mic on.

And you could probably hear a little bit of the traffic, but if the content that I’m sharing with you makes a difference in your life, in your marketing in how you deal with your customers, then that’s high quality, okay?

So have good quality content and publish it often.

Okay, so is that an either or it’s both but if you have to choose the quality is key.

Quality vs quantity

And again, the quality means the content will your listener or viewer be able to consume your content and take action from it and make a difference is this transformation or information, okay?

So if you have good quality content Don’t worry about if the lighting is right or your hair is right, or the environment is perfect if you have an idea, put it out there.

Let me know your feedback.

Talk to you soon.
Mike Cowles.

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