Targeted Email Marketing

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Targeted Email Marketing

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Hey, this Mike from and in this video I wanted to talk to you about Targeted Email Marketing.

So first when it comes to email marketing, most businesses, most marketers, most entrepreneurs are not doing it out of the 10% that actually have a form on their site that says, you know, enter your email address like this, okay, and your email address in order to get something.

Most of them like 80%, at least, are not sending out anything other than the very first email says, Here’s your free thing.

Like they’re not even asking for a sale or an offer or anything.

So in order to separate yourself from the pack, and to get results with targeted email marketing, you have to actually have a plan in place.


Now, let me go ahead and head and show you a simple email funnel that anybody can do for any product or service in order to exponentially increase your sales and increase your customer and prospects experience with your site.

Okay, so in this diagram, you’re gonna see, first, there’s a lead magnet, this is what you’re giving away for free, whether it’s a report, a report, a checklist, a cheat sheet, whatever, when they enter their email address, it’s going to take them to a page, that’s your thank you page.

In this case, you’re going to get some training.

So let’s say the report is, you know, how to lose seven pounds in the next seven days, enter your email address to get the free training, right.

So this page would say, here’s the training, here’s how to lose seven pounds in seven days.

And what you’re also going to do in here is you’re going to have an offer, now you have to make sure you deliver on what you promised.

But for this example, if it’s how to lose seven pounds in seven days, it might be you know, drink a gallon of water every day, and make sure that you drink at least two cups of water before you eat each meal.


And if you do that, you’ll lose seven pounds in seven days.

But the truth is seven pounds is not what most people want.

And even if it is all you need to lose, you also want to make sure that you keep it off.

And that you increase your muscle and you look better and you feel better and you live longer.

So what you want to do is check out this offer.

And you obviously wouldn’t call it an offer, but you would do as a check out this course where the guy teaches people how to do a, b, and c.

And that order link is your right underneath this video.

And that’s going to be for your product or for an affiliate product.


So by simply doing that the lead magnet to where you then forward them to the training, that’s good quality stuff, and then also sells them on the concept of you really need to buy this other thing will lead to money.

Okay, now, here’s where the funnel comes in.

The first email that they should get right away should be a link to that training slash offer.

Okay, now, we’re going to talk about targeted email marketing in a second as far as how to segment people from this.

But this is the first part if you err on the side of giving too many emails or offering something too much.

That’s way better than not doing enough.

So the second day, you’re going to send out an email that says, hey, here’s a case study from people that followed the training in what this guy is offering.

And here’s some proof that it works.

Okay, so here’s Joe, he was 500 pounds, now he’s 200. Here’s, Susie, she was 350 pounds, now she’s 130, blah, blah, blah, right?

Then the third day, you’re going to send them another email, it says, Here’s frequently asked questions.

Will this work for me If I’m a woman?
Will this work for me If I’m, you know, really overweight?
Will this work for me if blah, blah, blah.

And that’s always how you want to phrase frequently asked questions, by the way is will this work for me?

If, okay, now, you can also mentioned the guarantee, hey, With this offer, by the way, if you don’t absolutely love it, or you don’t get the results or whatever, you get your money back for a full 30 days.

Okay, so that makes people feel safer about taking the plunge if they’re on the fence.

On the fourth day, you’re going to send out an email that’s going to tell them about a deadline slash bonus.

So in this case, if you’ve got a video that says here’s how to lose seven pounds in seven days, and it points to an offer, that’s how to get the perfect body.

Your bonus might be some recipes for smoothies or some keto friendly recipes, or some videos on how to exercise in less amount of time and get a better you know, result, things like that.

But you combine that with a deadline.

If you buy, you know, by this Friday, or by tonight by midnight, or within 12 hours, or whatever it is, I’m going to give you this bonus, and it’s valued at whatever, you know, you think the actual bonuses value that.

And even if you ask for a refund, you still get to keep my bonus, okay.

And by the way that bonus should always be results driven.

So if it’s, you know, hey, one of the biggest challenges people have is snacking in between meals, when it comes to working a diet, and I’ve got a solution for you, I’ve got my seven favorite smoothie recipes that are all under 100 calories tastes great that you can make them in less than five minutes.

And so if you’re hungry in between meals, make one of these and you’re still on track, you’re still gonna lose weight, you’re still gonna feel great, right?

So it’s results oriented.

And then the fifth day is going to be to get feedback.

Now, feedback could be, you know, why you didn’t buy is great.

But it’s also, if you point to your site, where you have live chat, or your phone number where people can call you, or an email where like, hey, send me your question or your concern, and I’ll reply, I’ll let you know what’s going on.

In that process, simply caring enough to ask and actually responding to people, you’ll get more sales.

Okay, so this is the five day funnel that you want to implement.

But now when it comes to targeted email marketing, the other thing that you want to do is you want to set up an automation so that when somebody buys, you stop sending them these emails, and instead, you switch them over to a second list.


Second list is normally a customer list versus a prospect list.

And if you’re not promoting your own product, the way to do this is to say, in this video, and in these emails, these follow up emails, hey, if you take me up on this offer, send your receipt to my email address here.

And I will send you that bonus.

When they send you that email, you simply subscribe them to the new list and take them off of the old list.

Now if you’re using AWeber, this is automatic.

You simply create two different lists and you say hey, when they subscribe to the customer list, automatically take them off of the prospect list.

And they’ll stop getting these so you have targeted email marketing happening.

So that’s it for the video.

It’s very powerful.

Please do this you’ll see an amazing difference in your conversion rate and your customers happiness and your profits.

Talk to you soon.
Mike Cowles.

Targeted Email Marketing

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