How good is good enough?


Hey, this is Mike from Epic marketer calm and in this video we’re going to talk about how good is good enough.

So the standard that a lot of people look at when they’re trying to create content that’s going to be seen by lots of people is it’s got to be perfect. They are thinking kind of old school, think pre internet if you’re old enough to picture that.

They’re picturing being on a movie screen or on a stage in front of a bunch of people. And they’re thinking, I need to be dressed, right? I need to sound right I need to look right, I need to weigh the right amount, all these different things. Instead, what I want you to do is to reframe it in your mind that good enough is good enough. Okay.

And the reason that I say that is not because we want to make crappy stuff.

It’s because people need to hear or see or consume the content that you can give them right now you already have experience in life that other people don’t have. Okay?

Maybe you live in the city, somebody moved to the city from the country. There’s things you can tell them to keep them from getting robbed, from you from overspending to, you know, the restaurants to go to the restaurants to avoid whatever it is, there is experience that you have that you can share that you can sell our giveaway that people need to hear.

If somebody is in that example, you know, looking for a restaurant, and they’re seeing, you know, an ad on wherever online somewhere for a restaurant, and they see your video, and you know, you’re wearing a T shirt, you’re not wearing a tie, and you say hey, before you go there, make sure you do this or go here instead or whatever it is. They’re not focusing on your T shirt. They’re focusing on the fact that you’ve saved them from getting food poisoning or whatever it is, right?

So Remember, if it’s clear, if it’s targeted to whoever you’re going to give it to, if it’s useful, relevant content. It’s good enough.

How good is good enough?

Put it out there.

Let me know your thoughts on this video.

Talk soon,

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