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Hey, this is Mike from and today we’re talking about a free list building strategy.

So in this list building strategy, we’re going to be leveraging what’s called inbound marketing, which is where somebody’s coming to you for help our answers versus you reaching out to them.

Normally when you hear free list building strategies or free traffic methods, you know, it’s about SEO, you know, creating videos, creating articles, creating blog posts, going on forums and, you know, posting content, things like that. And while those are good, what we want to do is we want to dial in a little bit more we want to be specific about not just helping people but helping one person, okay? And when you focus on helping that one person, what you do is you don’t just get traffic, you don’t just build your list, but you now have a raving fan. Okay?

Think about this. If you’re struggling with a problem, whatever your niche is, how do I stop this bad thing from happening? Or how do I get this good thing that I so far haven’t been able to get? Right? And you’re willing to actually post this in a public place. This could be a Facebook group, this could be on it can be on medium calm. But when you do that, you’re really saying I’m hurting, I’m in pain. I would really love somebody to be able to help me out here.

So then enter the superhero… you!

What you can do is you can use this software it’s actually an extension that you can get on Firefox or Chrome called loom, and it records your desktop and it will also record you in a little circle if you want, which I suggest. And what you do is you go on one of these sites, again, Facebook groups, communities, forums. There’s a gazillion.

Okay, wherever your target audience is hanging out, that’s where you go.

You do a search for somebody that’s asking a question, “how do I” fill in the blank, right? You can actually do a search for “how do I” in quotes, and you’ll find a ton of them and you make a video that says, “hey, Tom, (specific to the person that wrote it) Hey, Tom, my name is Mike Cowles. I own and I saw that you were asking, “How do I” fill in the blank, (whatever it is) and I just wanted to make a quick video to actually show you how it’s done (or tell you how that’s done).”

Okay, if it’s show, then you’re showing your screen and you just say go here, click here, whatever. If it’s just a matter of telling them then you just tell them make a video like I am right now or it’s just a talking head and say, here’s how to do it. By the way, don’t forget to do this. Or in case if this happens, you can just do this but give them good tips.

About three minutes long is all you need. Okay, two to three minutes and post it. Then take that video and post it all your social media!

Now when you post to all your social media and your blog, what it does is it’s free content, it’s good content and it also lets people know that you’re actually taking care of people that you actually care.

Free list building strategy

Now when you send this to Tom, (assuming that’s the guy’s name), also put in the comments area, and Tom, I made a quick video for you answering your question. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at whatever your email addresses and answer those emails.

Okay, now when you do this, you will have raving fans if you do this 10 times a day, you will have 3650 raving fans every single year. Now if you use something like my locker magic, which is a plugin that I made, that you can get for free as an academy member, that you can make a video and you can say for example, “Hey, if you like this and you want part two, all you have to do is share this video by clicking the link below and you’ll get free access.” If you’re doing recipes, you could say, “Here’s three recipes, click the link below and I’ll give you 10 more for free,” right?

When you do this, what this does is it doesn’t just double your traffic, because the people that share it, are sharing it on Facebook, so all of their friends see it, if one of them likes it, and sees it and does the same thing. It goes viral. Okay, so now instead of 3650 people a year, let’s say it only goes out to three more people before it somehow disappears. Now you’ve got over 10,000 people in a year, using free traffic, helping people and that list of 10,000 people are raving fans. This is a great strategy guys that really works. And it’s a great way to put goodwill out there.

First, and show people that you know what you’re doing and that you can be trusted. Try it. Let me know if you’ve tried it and your thoughts on this

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