How often should I publish?

How often should I publish?


Hey, this is Mike from and in this video we’re going to be talking about how often should I publish content?

So there’s a lot of different schools of thoughts on this.

There are people like Tim Ferris that put out a podcast like once a month and it’s always really good and he’s got a ton of subscribers that kind of thing.

There’s people like Gary Vee that put out 100 or something pieces of content a day and you know, keep in mind while it sounds like a made up number I’ve actually read his stuff and watched his videos.

And what he’s doing is a he’s got a team in place, but be he’s also repurposing content. So like this video, I could have it transcribed.

That could be a PDF, I could have this video cut up into Part One, two and three. I could take the audio and put it on a podcast on multiple different platforms.

I could take this video and put it on, for example 10 different social media sites. So that And be like 30 pieces of content or 50 pieces of content or something crazy. So you could take screenshots and you know, put them on different things.

You can make memes, all kinds of different stuff, but here’s the thing, I think that there’s a quality versus quantity. And I think there’s also a sustainability that’s important.

I think the minimum if you’re getting started trying to drive traffic trying to build a list trying to build a business, I think a minimum is not how many times a month or how many times a week, but how many times a day.

How often should I publish

And part of the sustainability of this whole thing is to determine for yourself what you like doing the most, or if you don’t like doing any of it, and what do you dislike doing the least?

Okay. For me, I like talking way better than writing.

I can write and it’s okay when I do, but it’s more of a project, right? But if I get an idea, I could talk about it just like I would talk to some He’s sitting next to me.

So why not turn on the camera, in this case, my iPhone six, okay, which is not the most recent iPhone out there, but it works fine.

And I can record content.

And I can then either upload it with my phone or I can send it to myself and upload it from my laptop, my Mac, right?

So, because I know, when I’m in my car, I’m listening to podcasts, I get an idea, I hit pause and I make a recording like this or if I just have a bunch of things on my mind, I could just make a bunch of recordings.

And what that does is, let’s say I’m not in my car tomorrow or the next day, well, I’ve got a bunch of videos I’ve recorded that I can then schedule that go out at different times, so that every day they’re going out.

Now, if you’re getting started, I suggest you watch a video that I did about the free list building strategy. It should be the one right before this one, but maybe after. We’ll see Instead of just putting out content, I want you to put out tailor made content.

In other words, you go and you look for people that are asking questions about what you do and you make a video for them personally, and you put it in the public arena, okay?

So you say, hey, Tom, my name is Mike from and I saw in core, you asked the question, How do I build my list? I don’t have any money.

So I made a little video for you here to show you how, here’s the tools I’m using has a strategy I’m using. If you have any questions, I’m gonna put my email address below or you can pm me or whatever.

When you do that, you get raving fans. You build your list, you get exposure, and you get content.

So how often should you put out content every single day, but find the method that you like to do and make extra so that on the days that you can’t or you’re too busy or whatever, you’re still putting out content because if you do the seesaw up and down, Google will actually penalize You okay?

If instead you do once a week, you know, three times a week, once a day, three times a day, whatever it is.

If you’re pretty consistent about it, you will rock you will get tons of exposure.

Google will love you for it.

Let me know your feedback on this video.

Talk soon,

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