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Hey, this is Mike from and in this video we’re talking about intro videos.

So just like you saw there, that intro video, that type of video, if you were to hire somebody in an agency, talking 1000 bucks, if you’re gonna hire somebody in a small web firm, hundred bucks, 200 bucks, 300 bucks, that kind of thing. But you can actually go on Fiverr, which is a website, I’ll put them in the description of the video or the URL right here.

You can go to Fiverr and literally spend $5 to have somebody create a video just like that. And there’s a gazillion different ones and I’m gonna warn you up front when you go there and you start looking at intro videos. set a time limit for how long you’re willing to look because you can get sucked in there for like years.

So many, and they’re awesome. Okay? A couple things to think about when you make it. Have your logo already done have it high resolution in other words, so it’s nice and crisp and clean. So it doesn’t look grainy or anything and pick a short transition. Some of them are long and do different angles and stuff like that.

You want five seconds or less and really like a swish bang, you know, for like two seconds is even better. So just like you saw mine, you know, it’s not like Oh, great, now I gotta watch a movie inside of a movie it No, it’s just

Done, right?

So, get one of these done. That’s a video introduction. You can go to to get it done and have it literally within a day or two, and you can throw it into all your videos using iMovie. If you didn’t already see my video about iMovie

You can go to my YouTube channel or you can go to and just look through the blog posts to see the video on editing videos. So, anyway, I’d love to hear your opinion on all this stuff and any other tips or strategies you have as well. Thanks.

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